Our mission is to Delivering Embedded Finance, creating financial and banking solutions for a new world.

Embedded Finance means abstracting banking functionality into technology and enabling any Brand to integrate innovative Financial Services into their offerings and customer experiences. Embedded Finance is predicted to become a USD 7 billion market opportunity in 2030. In partnership with trustable Brands Vopy will deliver Embedded Finance to enhance customer experiences with new and innovative Financial Services – rapidly and at a low cost

Vopy is a leading Scandinavian end-to-end Embedded Finance company, creating financial and banking solutions for a new world. We provide solutions and tools that challenge traditional banking systems globally.

We intend to become the world’s leading blockchain-based financial service infrastructure for instant, safe and free transactions – bypassing the legacy networks of SWIFT, IBAN, VISA, and Mastercard.

The company was founded in 2017 after almost 10 years of R&D to identify and invent new technology to allow for mass adoption of financial services, and the inclusion of the 1.5 billion people currently excluded. Today the group of companies within Vopy AB (publ) is ranging from Reg Tech, platform- and banking as a service, to Defi, to R&D centers in Norway, Canada, Pakistan, and India.