Expanding wealth

Vopy connects emerging markets with attractive savings and AI-driven investments opportunities based on stock markets in Europe and America.

We will include hundreds of millions of citizens in trustworthy long-term investment options unavailable today.

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The problem we solve

2.5 billion people globally do not have access to reliable investment options.

More than 1 billion digital wallets in emerging markets have no viable investment/savings offer.  

Vopy will change this.

The future potential

We already today experience a big and fast growing demand for our products. By 2028 a substantial part of the population not included in international investments have reached the $5.000 GDP/Capita threshold where demand for saving/investments explodes. By that time Vopy shall be their default choice for investments.

Emerging markets normally have no official pension plan program, instead each person must cater for this themselves - with very few reliable options to use. Vopy works to include Emerging Markets into reliable and effective international investments. We want to democratize investments for masses and improve their personal wealth.

We give our customers, the banks and fintechs in emerging markets, a very competitive tool where they can offer savings and investments to their users under their own brand. Our customers benefit from increased transaction volumes, increased number of customers, increased revenues and the option to target new markets.

We enable digital wallets with investment offers.

We help banks and fintechs in Emerging markets to provide their customers with regulatory friendly, international saving- and investment products. All in an easy-to-use app under their own brand.

Through our customer, the banks and financial institutions, we reach out to hundreds of millions of end-users with unique saving/investment offerings.

How we support our customers

Vopy help banks and fintechs in Emerging markets to provide an easy-to-use app under their own brand, for regulatory friendly international money-flow and investments.

We become the international arm of local successful financial institutions who want to increase their international presence and introduce international investment products to their local customers. We provide financial services that bring people closer regardless of where they are on the planet by having them work under a single reliable brand.

People living in different regions can feel closer by connecting through financial services with their loved ones at home, for instance, sending money under a unified environment, and managing savings and investments on behalf of non-financially skilled family members.

AI-driven Fund Investments

Unleash the power of Artificial Intelligence to amplify your returns. Put your Dollars, Euros, or Pounds to work, and our AI ensures the perfect balance of risk and reward.

It's not just investment, it's wealth evolution.

Citizens in emerging markets can invest for their pensions in our AI driven funds with innovative Downside protection. Vopy gains fees from fund management and FX that is shared with our customers.

Currency Accounts Abroad

Elevate your savings game to a whole new global level. Save effortlessly in Dollars, Euros, or Pounds
Experience seamless saving like never before - right from the convenience of our app.

Your global ambitions deserve a global savings platform.

Citizens in emerging markets can place savings in foreign currency accounts (USD, EUR) instead of their own domestic currency. It's a closed loop saving product that is regulatory friendly.

Vopy gains revenues from yearly account fees and FX that is shared with our customers.

Remit Home

Empower your loved ones with instant, low-cost remittances. Right within the safety and familiarity of your trusted bank, we're transforming the way you share
wealth globally.

Home is never too far away with Remit Home.

Banks gain revenues and new transactions streams. Users get a trusted and very fast way to send money back home at a low cost.

Vopy gains revenues with good margins as well as access to huge storages of EURO and USD.