Add White Label Digital Wallets, Payment Cards & other cloud-based financial services to your business

Offer SaaS financial services to your customer base, but without the hustle and need for your business to become a bank, acquire financial licenses and develop complex tech.

Do it all under your own brand and increase customer engagement, reduce churn and open new revenue streams.

Key benefits

Product features


Digital accounts for every occasion

Allow your customers to manage (e.g. deposit, organize, save and transfer) money in a fast, low cost and secure way, all under your own brand.

Payment methods

Payment methods that work for you

Provide digital and physical payment cards to your customers, under your own brand. Vopy can integrate into local payment networks, and it supports a wide range of payments and applications, such as paying out salaries, settlement, bill payments and more.

Money transfer

Send money instantly and for free

Sending money with Vopy is simple and quick and Vopy supports a wide range of transactions. For instance, transactions among users on Vopy's network are instant and free; transactions between companies can be aggregated and optimised (i.e reducing transaction costs), custom applications are also possible.


Explore our expanding marketplace

Beyond Vopys core services (see above) we offer an expanding range of financial services, including for instance micro loans, instant credit checks and more. These type of services can be customised and/or configured to fit your offer, under your own brand.

Let’s find out how embedded finance can work for you

Embedded financial services are the future of doing business. Contact us to find out how your business and your customers can benefit from the embedded finance movement. Welcome on board!

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