More and more non-banks are offering financial services such as wallets, payments, and lending. Embedded Finance – banking like services offered by non-banks are helping them to retain customers and increase customer lifetime value. This is exactly what Vopy is offering – enabling any brand with innovative financial services to provide new value propositions and user experiences to your customer. 

So why should you as a non-bank partner up with Vopy?

Enhanced Customer Experience

Enhancing your customer user experiences with digital financial services. Your app could be integrated with a mobile wallet for instant money transfers or your own branded virtual Visa card for merchant payments. 

Increased Customer Loyalty

Reduce your customer churn and increase your customer lifetime value by adding new services like deferred payments and loyalty schemes.

Revenue Growth

Growth your business with new revenues from loyalty payments cards, credit on your services, and insurance.

Focus on Core Business

You can remain to focus on your core business. Vopy will integrate and operate the services on your behalf. There are non-upfront investments required to get the services integrated and in sharp operations.