Result oriented CEO – ready to revolutionise the Fintech and Payment Industry

In upcoming articles, you will get to know the people behind Vopy. We start by presenting Joakim “Kim” Forssell, a result-oriented CEO ready to revolutionise the fintech- and payment industry.


Result oriented CEO

In upcoming articles, you will get to know the people behind Vopy. We start by presenting Joakim “Kim” Forssell, a result-oriented CEO ready to revolutionise the fintech- and payment industry.

Kim Forssell started his first company at the age of 18, and a lot has happened since then. Today he is the CEO a Vopy AB – a Swedish fintech company that enables consumer companies to offer their customers financial services embedded in their offering (“embedded finance”) under their brand.

"Embedded finance enables a paradigm shift within the financial sector, where Vopy will play a crucial role. We are pioneers and must find new solutions to existing structures, something I am very passionate about", says Kim Forssell.

He continues:

"I am also passionate about helping people and making the world a better place. In Vopy’s case, we help our customers help their customers – people who don’t have a bank account get access to financial services via their mobile phone through a brand they already trust and feel comfortable with."

Redefining how financial services should work is demanding, as it requires balancing being progressive, with one foot in the future, while at the same time needing to understand the existing structures and technology that you are challenging. But Kim is not worried about the challenges.

"As an entrepreneur, my strength is to see patterns and solutions and how new technology can revolutionise old infrastructure and disrupt behaviours and old structures."

Within his leadership, Kim emphasises the importance of empowerment and the individual taking full responsibility for their actions and results. When this becomes a reality, the team can truly achieve barrier breaking goals.

"I guess I am not very Swedish in that sense. I don’t strive for decisions based on consensus. I believe in straightforward leadership, combined with delegated leadership. That means that each employee and function need to be responsible for their results and agenda and solve tasks on their own in alignment with the company’s objectives and goals. It is not important how it is done, only that the progress takes place, and the results are achieved. In the end, I believe that this creates strong and committed individuals and functions that perform better."

For Kim, it is important to have a corporate culture based on delegated responsibility, self-empowered employees, and a shared vision.

"When everyone in the company understands their role, how it aligns with the company objectives, and what drives them as individuals – a very powerful culture is created with empowered and committed employees that go that extra mile when needed. This is how barrier-breaking goals are achieved."

When Kim doesn’t work, he likes to spend all his time with his family.

"My family means everything to me. I have been married for 20 years now, and together with my wife we have three kids. I want to spend as much time as possible with them, preferably doing outdoor activities."

He describes himself as a sports enthusiast, and he has reached pro levels in several sports. It may be his determination, attitude, and winner instinct that has gotten him there - to achieve his targets.

"I think I have tried almost every sport there is. When I find something I like, I go all in and don’t stop until I reach the top. The same applies to everything - building companies and businesses is no different. For Vopy, this means that we will become the Category Captain and market leader within Embedded Finance!"

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