Payment options with Vopy

Vopy offers several payment methods based on technology that reflects the expectations of tomorrow's customers, flexible and easy to use.

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Debit and credit cards

Debit and credit cards can be implemented in the Vopy digital wallet. These can be used in a traditional tangible form, or digital.

Your customers no longer have to struggle with PIN codes anymore. With Vopy, you can choose to introduce your customers for the latest and safest biometric cards. No PIN code, only fingerprint.

Online and in-store payments

A tangible card from Vopy allows your customers to make any transaction at any Point of Sales (POS), E-commerce sites, and withdraw money from any ATM machine in the world.

Is your customer a bit short of money in order to complete a purchase? No worries. With Vopy your customers can have an overdraft or access a line of credit at any time. Convenient for them, and for your business.

QR Code payment (coming soon)

The COVID-19 period has accelerated the growth of touchless payments at POS. More and more vendors are offering the option to pay using QR codes (QR = Quick Response!). If your POS allows QR code, Vopy can process the payment. The customer only has to point their phone camera – and the payment is done.

Payout salaries (coming soon)

Remote work has enabled companies to have access to resources in other regions. Paying salaries across borders has become a challenge for many employers because current payment methods are cumbersome and expensive.

Vopy allows you to remit money to employees at low cost. Your employees will access their salary in the Vopy wallet immediately.

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Instant money transfer

Transferring money has never been as easy and as quick as with Vopy. When a user has opened a Vopy account (in a Vopy digital wallet) and topped it up, the money can be transferred within seconds – in various ways.
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