Vopy offers several payment methods based on technology that reflects the expectations of tomorrow's customers.

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Payment cards

Vopy payment cards are available in both physical and virtual form.

The cards can be managed from the Vopy digital wallet. Users can control PIN code information, access rights and more.

Vopy can provide biometric payment cards which can only be activated by the card holders' fingerprint, making these cards some of the most secure payment methods available today.

Online and in-store payments

Vopy's payment cards allow your customers to make transactions at Point of Sale (POS) terminals and e-commerce sites. Your customers can also use the payment cards to make ATM withdrawals.

With Vopy your customers can have access to overdraft services or a line of credit, in order to keep their payment/shopping experience friction free.

QR Code payment (coming soon)

The COVID-19 period has accelerated the adoption of contactless payment methods, for example by using so called Near Field Communication (NFC) technology that enables consumers to pay at a payment terminal using a virtual payment card on their mobile phone.

Mobile phones can also support other payment methods, for example based on Quick Response technology - commonly known as QR payments. QR payments require a QR-compatible payment terminal on the vendors side.

Paying out salaries (coming soon)

With the rise of gig economy, temporary jobs and ad-hoc projects are common and companies often hire independent freelancers instead of full-time employees.

Paying salaries, especially across borders, is process-heavy, slow and in many cases more expensive than it needs to be. Vopy can enable a smooth, and near instant, frictionless salary payout directly to a recipient's Vopy Wallet.

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Instant money transfer

Transferring money has never been as easy and as quick as with Vopy. When a user has opened a Vopy account (in a Vopy digital wallet) and topped it up, the money can be transferred within seconds – in various ways.
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