Instant money transfer

Transferring money has never been as easy and quick. Allow your customers to transfer money instant and for free; even to recipients who don’t have a traditional bank account.

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Digital transfer to another existing Vopy user

With Vopy, your customers will be able to transfer (send, move, remit) money instantly and for free among users within the Vopy network of customers. Money can also be transferred to a traditional bank account or another digital wallet. If the user doesn’t have a Vopy connected wallet; no problem, funds can be transferred instantly and for free to anyone anywhere.

Moving money instantly and for free among has disruptive potential, and it can make a big impact on how regular people manage (spend, share, save) money.

Digital transfer to a person who doesn’t have a Vopy account

If the beneficiary doesn’t have a Vopy account, the Vopy sender has two choices:


The sender can transfer the funds through Vopy via a link.

In this case, the beneficiary needs to:

  • Follow the link and create a Vopy account on their phone (this can be done within minutes, and without requiring this person to have an existing bank account; see section on KYC & onboarding)


  • Accept the funds transferred to them by the sender. In this case, the money transfer is instant and could be free of charge.


The funds can be sent to a (non-Vopy) bank account or another wallet.

In this case, the money transfer will have a fee. The fee will depend on which transfer method used (read more about the payment methods we support here), and the time delay will depend on the beneficiary’s bank account or another digital wallet.

If you’d like to know more about how these services work in practice, book a demo or consultation. We will take you through the process, and how it can be implemented in your business environment, step by step.


Money transfer between users on the same network is commonly referred to as Peer to Peer transfer (or P2P). There are numerous ways of using P2P transfer. Here are some examples:


Vopy users can settle debts among each other, instantly and for free. For example, friends splitting a dinner bill or lending each other money. Just like they would do with cash.


Foreign workers/expatriates, immigrants, and nationals with family ties abroad can use Vopy to remit money digitally to their loved ones abroad. For instance:

  • a mother sends allowance to her son studying abroad

  • a father helps his daughter with her rent
  • a person makes a charitable donation to a person in need or for a cause
  • a couple of foreign workers share a part of their salary with their parents back in their homeland

Remittance services are known to be expensive and slow - usually it takes days to execute transfers. Vopy can make remittance instant and cheaper.

*The International Monetary Fund (IMF) defines remittance as “When migrants send home part of their earnings in the form of either cash or goods to support their families, these transfers are known as workers’ or migrant remittances”.

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