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Enhance your customers financial freedom and flexibility by offering independent Vopy accounts. We enable your customers to deposit, organize, save and transfer money faster and cheaper than with regular banks.

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It doesn’t matter if your customers have a traditional bank account or not.
They can create independent Vopy accounts that work like regular bank accounts, and move money faster and cheaper.

Vopy wallet allows users to:

  • Create a virtual bank accounts.
  • Deposit and withdraw from the accounts.
  • Manage money on their accounts.
  • Move money from their accounts.

Personal accounts

Offer your customers a flexible personal account that can be used for:

  • Depositing money.
  • Receiving money.
  • Organizing money.
  • Sending money.

The main difference that distinguishes a Vopy account from a traditional bank account is that the users can move money instantly and for free. The Vopy account doesn't require a pre-existing bank account. It is available for anyone with a smart phone and internet connection.

Financial compliance

To activate a Vopy wallet or account, the user must undergo a standard validation process called Know Your Customer (KYC). KYC is an important component of platforms that offer financial services to verify the identity and to do a background check of new customers.

The KYC process ensures the user is cross-checked against regulations and compliance requirements, such as anti money laundering (AML) and politically exposed persons (PEP).

While KYC vendors in the market offer expensive services and cumbersome to implement, Vopy provides customers with the opportunity to access our cutting-edge machine learning (ML) technology in a simple and cost-effective way.

Our ML (face recognition, automated document validation system) is connected to thousands of AML databases around the world. The validation is done in real-time, which makes customers on board the journey smooth and safe.

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Instant money transfer

Transferring money has never been as easy and as quick as with Vopy. When a user has opened a Vopy account (in a Vopy digital wallet) and topped it up, the money can be transferred within seconds – in various ways.
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