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Moving money through banks has three main disadvantages: it is time consuming, costly, and not accessible to everyone.

Vopy was designed to address and overcome these disadvantages by creating a solution that is quicker (up to real-time), cheaper (free) and more inclusive (users don’t need to have a bank account to use it).

Vopy a cloud-based solution built on blockchain technology that your business can use, under your brand, to offer financial services (such as digital wallets and market services) to your customer base.

Our product features are built with cutting edge technology, the highest standards of security, user experience, user engagement, and loyalty in mind.

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Instant money transfer

Transferring money has never been as easy and as quick as with Vopy. When a user has opened a Vopy account (in a Vopy digital wallet) and topped it up, the money can be transferred within seconds – in various ways.
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