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of embedded finance

In simple terms, Vopy’s solution includes a stack of white label financial services (such as digital wallets, payment cards, instant and free money transfer and more) that companies can integrate into their offering and provide directly to their customer base, under their own brand.

In other words, Vopy is a SaaS solution designed to add, complement and optimise financial services. This way, your business can start offering financial services to your customer base, but without the need to acquire a banking license, develop complex and expensive technology and hire new expert teams. With Vopy, you can expand your offering and take advantage of embedded finance, without losing focus of your core business.

Our aim is to empower companies with cutting edge embedded finance services in order to efficiently drive financial inclusion and wellbeing of 100s of millions of people worldwide.

Our solutions are designed for non-financial companies (such as Tech Providers, e-com Platforms, Media, Retail Businesses etc) and financial services providers (including Banks, Financial Institutions and FinTechs) - organisations that want to increase their relevance, add value to their customers and support and grow their customer base.

It is ideal for companies that want to monetize by adding or improving financial services under their own brand, but without the need to acquire a banking license, build up complex and expensive technology and expertise.

It is designed to reduce customer churn and increase revenue.

Vopy is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Since the beginning of 2019 the company has established presence in several regions on different continents, and we are growing as we speak.

You are welcome to get in touch with us if you’d like to understand or discuss the opportunities that Embedded Finances has for your business.

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